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NoviFlow partner Aeponyx wins Grand Prize in “Speed Matters” contest at the Hot Interconnects 22 Conference!

Big news at the 22nd Annual Symposium on High Performance Interconnects Conference (Hot Interconnects 22) being held at Google’s headquarters in Palo Alto August 24-26: NoviFlow partner Aeponyx has been awarded the Grand Prize in “Speed Matters” contest!
Aeponyx presented a solution that combines the advantages of SDN with WDM-PON to make it possible to optically scale out Cloud Data Centers.
The solution leverages high throughput OpenFlow switches – such as the NoviSwitch 1248 – to enable the automatic creation of dedicated 10 Gbps channels through a WDM-PON network parallel to the existing leaf-spine.  The WDM-PON network can span an entire Cloud Data Center, providing an alternate high capacity route for ‘Elephant’ traffic, VM spin-up, network TAPs, and other traffic that are overburdening existing leaf-spine networks.
You can check out more about Aeponyx’s winning contest entry at:
Congratulations to Aeponyx on the win!