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NoviFlow Partners with Fortinet to Deliver SDN-Optimized CG-NAT Solution

Solution brings together NoviFlow and Fortinet technologies for high throughput and dynamically scalable CG-NAT services in a programmable SDN networking environment

BARCELONA, SPAIN, February 25, 2019 – NoviFlow® Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance SDN network operating software (NOS), cybersecurity middleware and programmable network solutions, today announced a joint Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CG-NAT) solution with Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, to efficiently address even the largest deployments and enable cost-effective dynamic scaling to right-size capacity for even the most highly variable demand.

Recent years have seen a tremendous and accelerating increase in demand for data networking capacity from carriers and enterprises. The multiplication of mobile and connected devices, the proliferation of streaming video-based applications, and cloud-based services will only augment the challenge of delivering capacity and ensuring quality as data moves from web to mobile to machines. To compound the issue, the surge in IoT and the recent global depletion of public IPv4 addresses strains existing IPv4 infrastructures and increases demand for CG-NAT IPv4 services.

The joint solution combines NoviFlow’s CyberMapperÔ  SDN-enhanced forwarding plane with  Fortinet’s FortiGate CG-NAT service, effectively incorporating this service in the SDN network. Together, the NoviFlow/Fortinet solution delivers high throughput and dynamically scalable CG-NAT services in a programmable SDN networking environment while reducing total customer network CAPEX and OPEX. Key capabilities and benefits enabled by the joint solution are:

  • IP address expansion through Fortinet CG-NAT to overcome the IPv4 address exhaustion
  • Enhanced threat prevention by hiding subscribers’ and infrastructures’ IP addresses from the Internet
  • Dynamic scaling of FortiGate VMs configured for CG-NAT services to support dynamic and rapid increase in the number of subscribers and devices to substantially increase revenue
  • Elimination of expensive load balancing appliances with load balancing enabled in the switching fabric
  • Enhances performance required by today’s carriers:
    • Up to 500G of throughput
    • Billions of private IP flows
    • Millions of users
    • Billions of public IP/port flows

Fortinet recently recognized NoviFlow by granting the company Fabric-Ready status, the highest level in Fortinet’s Partner Program. Through the Fabric-Ready partnership, Fortinet and NoviFlow cement their increasing commitment to supporting and accelerating innovation for world-class solutions.

“The joint Fortinet/NoviFlow CG-NAT solution directly addresses the depletion of public IPv4 addresses and the highly variable nature of traffic facing large carrier and service provider networks,” said John Maddison, EVP of products and solutions at Fortinet. “We welcome NoviFlow into Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Partner Program and its open ecosystem with unparalleled protection provided by the Fortinet Security Fabric.”

Dominique Jodoin, president and CEO of NoviFlow, explained, “NoviFlow’s NoviWare forwarding planes and Fortinet’s FortiGate CG-NAT were made for each other. The alliance between Fortinet and NoviFlow provides a compelling new SDN-based option for the deployment of CG-NAT solutions, with unprecedented price performance and scalability. It also extends the radical CAPEX and OPEX benefits of SDN-based programmable forwarding planes even further into the Cybersecurity segment.”

The Fortinet and NoviFlow integrated solution scales effectively to address high-throughput use cases in large-scale deployments. By implementing CG-NAT data-plane functions directly in the switching fabric, traffic is dynamically directed to each security device to optimize and efficiently utilize the address translation and security functions. Since load balancing is also done in the switching fabric, the solution preserves stateful security information, minimizing gaps in coverage. The result is a solution that can dynamically scale as demand fluctuates, while reducing both capital expenses and operational costs.

The joint CG-NAT solution will be presented at the NoviFlow booth (7M21) and at the Fortinet booth (7K31), February 25-28, 2019 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


NoviFlow Inc. provides high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions to network carriers, data center operators, government agencies and enterprises seeking greater control, security and flexibility over their networks. NoviFlow has offices in Montreal, Boston, Sunnyvale and Seattle, and representatives in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.  For more information, visit Follow NoviFlow on Twitter @NoviFlowInc.

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