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NoviFlow Partners with Lumina Networks to Deliver Intent-based Multi-Domain Solution

SD-CORE solution manages multi-domain networks integrating both conventional IP/MPLS routers and programmable Tofino white-box switches as one unified Terabit-scale network

BARCELONA, SPAIN, February 25, 2019 – NoviFlow® Inc., a leading vendor of SDN Network Operating System (NOS) for programmable networks, and Lumina Networks Inc., leading provider of OpenDaylight-based SDN Controller solutions and services, today announced a joint solution that unifies multi-domain IP/MPLS routers and programmable white-box switches to create a seamless intent-based Terabit-scale network. Communication Service Providers will realize benefit through gradual transition from legacy devices to white-box switches with seamless ubiquitous control. Enabled by intent, service delivery is automated and multi-domain network operations are simplified.

The Lumina/NoviFlow joint SD-Core Networking Solution delivers an unprecedented degree of service automation and performance, enabling network operators to dynamically scale services as demand fluctuates. The solution reduces management and operating costs with simplified, multi-domain control.  SD-Core extends the intent-based end-to-end programming of flow across multiple topologies and protocols accelerate the transition to white-box SDN networks. CSPs will realize benefit through a gradual transition of mission-critical traffic from expensive legacy systems to more economical switching and routing infrastructure.

Lumina’s SDN Controller provides OpenFlow control to the data plane, while working with the network’s legacy routing software to integrate seamlessly with existing network nodes across domains. NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches, including the 6.5 Tbps Tofino-based NS-5164, feature a programmable match-action pipeline which allows the switching services to evolve over the life of the network.  Combined with Lumina’s SDN Controller, SD-Core delivers carrier-grade MPLS, segment routing and traffic engineering core router capabilities at a fraction of the cost of proprietary vendor solutions. The solution is built to allow the gradual migration of MPLS services – point-to-point E-line, L3VPN, E-tree, etc. and other routing services such as segment routing, to less costly SDN infrastructure, allowing the capping of investment of legacy core routers.


  • The SD-CORE solution manages multi-Domain networks including both conventional IP/MPLS networks and SDN networks as one unified Terabit-scale network
  • Includes on-demand scheduling of point to point bandwidth
  • Provides SDN-based control of:
    • MPLS forwarding
    • Segment Routing
    • Traffic Engineering
  • Leverages the broadly deployed OpenDaylight Controller
  • Provides Streaming Telemetry

“NoviFlow and Lumina Networks’ joint SD-Core networking solution delivers the ability to both manage the graceful transition of services to SDN while retaining existing infrastructure, and to scale the resulting multi domain network into the Terabit range,” said Ben Hickey, Chief Customer Officer at Lumina Networks. “We welcome NoviFlow’s high-performance programmable forwarding planes and software into Lumina’s solution ecosystem.”

Dominique Jodoin, president and CEO of NoviFlow, explained, “NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches when matched with Lumina’s SD-Core Controller software provide a compelling new SDN-based option for the deployment of carrier-grade MPLS, segment routing and other network services. NoviFlow’s Barefoot Tofino-based forwarding planes deliver Terabit performance for programmable networks, providing a truly economical and scalable platform to leverage a Cap-and-grow strategy to progressively move traffic off of traditional core to cap expensive growth, and move to SD-Core at a much lower cost.”

The Joint SD-Core Solution will be presented at the NoviFlow booth (7M21) February 25-28, 2019 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


NoviFlow Inc. provides high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions to network carriers, data center operators, government agencies and enterprises seeking greater control, security and flexibility over their networks. NoviFlow has offices in Montreal, Boston, Sunnyvale and Seattle, and representatives in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.  For more information, visit Follow NoviFlow on Twitter @NoviFlowInc.

About Lumina Networks

Lumina Networks’ open source networking solutions simplify and automate heterogeneous networks. By combining engineering excellence, open source leadership and agile development methodology, Lumina Networks empowers Service Providers to reimagine their future without the risk of vendor lock-in. By unifying network architectures and enabling intent-based network functionality, Lumina Networks provides a more customer-centric approach to building and delivering on-demand, customizable services. Learn more about Lumina Networks at and @luminanetworks.

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