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NoviFlow expands sales network by signing-on MIC International to distribute its programmable networking products

MIC International and NoviFlow  announced that they have signed a distribution agreement for the supply and support of NoviFlow solutions in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

“We are delighted to bring MIC International onboard as a strategic partner in NoviFlow’s growing international distribution network, and we look forward to working with MIC to extend deployments of NoviFlow’s proven SDN and Cybersecurity solutions into new markets and sectors”. Dominique Jodoin, CEO of NoviFlow

 “NoviFlow’s cutting edge products provide a fantastic opportunity for commercial carriers, defence and security infrastructure providers to leverage disruptive thinking to introduce software defined networking capability across legacy infrastructure.  We are excited to be bringing these solutions to our clients so they can increase network efficiency and reduce operating costs”.  William Gimson, Partner at MIC

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