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NoviFlow Professional Services

Intelligent Advice for Programmable Switching Solutions


The changeover to programmable networks – Software Defined Networking (SDN) – is accelerating. However, just having access to new SDN tools doesn’t ensure that they can be used effectively to deliver the operational efficiencies and flexibility that SDN promise. Ramping-up skill sets takes time, and the demands of users, customers and pressure from the competition are growing ever faster, so time is of the essence.

NoviFlow Professional Services can help accelerate the design and the implementation your new SDN strategy. Let our experts help your team become experts!


You have a good team but moving to a new paradigm is always challenging. Many major decisions about the migration to SDN happen very early in the design cycle, ironically, just at the point that your team has the least experience with the new technology.

The implementation phase may also be slowed down because of a lack of familiarity and trust in SDN technology. No matter how brilliant the team, it takes time to learn the “tricks of the SDN trade” and this will affect Time-to-Market.

Managers faced with this situation need a strategy to reduce risks and accelerate implementation. NoviFlow Professional Services is that strategy.


NoviFlow is a leader in SDN. NoviFlow provides the most powerful programmable network fabric in the industry, boasting the largest rule tables, the broadest action sets, the best compliance to standards, etc. This knowledge is deep, consisting not only of SDN technology competence, but also a wealth of practical know-how in the implementation of SDN solutions in real networks. NoviFlow developed the NoviWare Network Operating System (NOS). We have participated in SDN projects around the world and in multiple industries. NoviFlow is the SDN expert.

Working with NoviFlow’s Professional Services brings our expertise into your project. Our consultant works as a member of your SDN application development team. The consultant injects world-class SDN knowledge into you project, helps to improve the technology selection process and the application design process, and significantly accelerates the programming cycle to deliver better results, faster.


The knowledge and expertise delivered via a NoviFlow Professional Services engagement enhances and accelerates the following:

  • Early design and technology selection decisions
  • Application strategy and framework
  • Application programming and test
  • Implementation and field trials

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