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NoviFlow powers 16,000 km wide router centered in Australia!

NoviFlow Switches make up distributed router 16,000 km wide, featured in live demonstration of AARNet’s Australia Wide-Area SDN Testbed connecting Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Seattle!

The Open Networking Foundation’s OpentTech SDN Down Under was held to a packed house today of over 100 hundred people! There were presentations by Dan Pitt (Executive Director of the
Open Networking Foundation), Vish Nandllal (CTO of Telstra), Inder Monga (CTO of ESNet) amongst many other SDN luminaries.

However the presentation that stole the show was the live demonstration of the Australia SDN Wide-Area Testbed by Prof. Vijay Sivaraman of the University of New South Wales and David Wilde (CTO of AARNet). Based on open standards, the Testbed infrastructure consists of a core of four interconnected NoviFlow OpenFlow-enabled switches at AARNet backbone sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Seattle controlled by virtual machines (VMs) in Sydney and Melbourne. The four switches talk to the VM OpenFlow controllers, which are running ONOS software, developed by Open Networking Lab, and appear as a single distributed router – spread across 16,000km. Connectors from this AARNet core run out to SDN equipment (a similar set up of switches and servers) installed in the labs at the participating universities and CSIRO Data61.

DominiqueSpeaksNoviFlow’s Dominique Jodoin presented NoviFlow’s Scale-Out Router solution, also based on the ONOS controller, and soon to support the Open Daylight Controller as well. Dominique also announced NoviFlow’s new NoviSwitch 2116, proving NoviFlow’s commitment to widening its product offering not only at the high end (see our recent announcement of the NoviSwitch 2122 with 100 GE ports), but also at the low end by offering a more economical 16 x 10 GE port only model.

Dominique closed his presentation by making a call to action to the SDN research community for the development of Open Source SDN Software solutions leveraging the unique advantages of the Scale-Out Router architecture.

Overall, it was a great day, closed with a dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour.

The Harbour at night SydneyTheBeautiful






3Amigos in Sydney

The Three NoviFlow Amigos! From left to right: Jesper Eriksson, Dominique Jodoin and Randy Fitton