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NoviFlow shines on day one of MPLSWC22

Day one of the MPLS SD & AI NETWORLD 22 is over, with NoviFlow and our NoviFabric SRv6 Service Chaining Proxy solution enjoying great visibility and multiple mentions by key players in the SRv6 world, including Bell Canada and Cisco!



This year’s edition of the annual MPLS Conference  in Paris was off to a great start with our joint main-hall presentation with Bell Canada and Lanner Electronics: “Leveraging SRv6 and P4 Programmable Switch Fabric at the Network Edge”. Bell Technical Director Daniel Bernier declared that SRv6, P4 Programmable hardware, and a great partner NoviFlow were a “perfect storm in the making” of SRv6 network innovation.

He joined Jesper Eriksson, NoviFlow’s VP of Product Management, and Sven Freudenfeld, Lanner Electronics’ CTO Telecom Application Business Unit, in showing how SRv6 can facilitate a cost effective migration of latency sensitive applications to the network edge. Including actual network deployment experiences.




A short while later, Cisco Fellow Clarence Filsfils reviewed the IETF status, the latest deployments and introduced some exciting innovations in SRv6, including NoviFlow, who was listed as a key solution provider supporting the newly minted uSID (C-SID-NEXT) standard.








The day was capped by a second session from Bell Canada, this time from Technical Fellow Daniel Voyer, who presented the “Motivation to migrate from SR-MPLS to SRv6 uSID. Review of the security model.”  NoviFlow was very happy to see Mr. Voyer clearly state the economic benefits of NoviFlow’s NoviFabric solution.

All things considered, it was a great first day for NoviFlow and our NoviFabric SRv6 Service Chaining Proxy! You can check out NoviFabric by clicking here. Contact us for more info at


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