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NoviFlow shortlisted for Leading Lights 2021 Awards

NoviFlow makes the shortlist on the category of Outstanding Use Case Service Provider Security with a joint solution that makes the internet a safer place for children!

NoviFlow’s partnership with MTN, AdaptiveMobile Security and the IWF builds on our commitment to make the internet safer for children. Online safety is a community challenge and an opportunity for industry, government and civil society to work together to establish safer principles and practices to the benefit of children and broader society.

The joint solution leverages NoviFlow’s Cybermapper Security Load Balancer to deliver optimized load balancing, packet brokering and telemetry acquisition functions without requiring the use of physical taps. CyberMapper empowers network providers to fully leverage the network/cloud edge as an intelligent resource that can pre-process traffic in order to both optimize information flows throughout the network, and make the best possible utilization of all network resources, thus reducing hardware costs, operating expenditures and even energy utilization.

Unlike conventional non-SDN network solutions, NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Security Load Balancer leverages the disaggregation of data and control planes to enable these to scale independently, making for greater overall solution modularity by enabling the redistribution and redeployment of traffic in real-time as demand fluctuates over time. Our solutions’ programmable match-action technology further facilitates the evolution of networks capabilities via software upgraded to enhance or even change functions as needs evolve.

The end result is a service that can actively filter out child sexual imagery and malicious content at network ingress/egress points, that can scale elastically, respond to new threats in real-time, all while reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

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