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SRv6 support in NoviFlow's CyberMapper

NoviFlow to Deliver Next Generation Segment Routing over IPv6 with SRv6 for CyberMapper™

Solution leverages NoviFlow’s CyberMapper™ to dynamically scale virtual network services including firewall, BNG, EPC, DDoS, Private LTE, CCAP, and more…

“CyberMapper with SRv6 provides a compelling new option for the modernization and optimization of service deployments within a carrier network, with unprecedented price performance and scalability.”

– Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO

NoviFlow announced a Carrier Grade Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) solution optimized for the network edge, as part of its CyberMapper™ Domain Specific Controller (DSC) application.

Key capabilities and benefits of the CyberMapper solution include:

o Intel/Barefoot Tofino hardware network services proxy for SRv6 enabled networks:
o Introduces a new variant of SRv6 binding segment allowing one or more network services to be bound to a service policy and segment ID (SID)
o Act as the orchestrator for an enforcement point for the above service policy
o Invokes in order the network services defined in the service policy
o Load balances one or more pools of physical (PNF) or virtual (VNF) network services

Benefits include:

o Allows network services to be addressable and reachable from anywhere in the network rather than being hard-wired to a specific physical location in the network
o Separates the advertisement of the service policies from the network service policies themselves
o May be used in the mobile backhaul and GiLAN to support service chaining
o Supports Terabit/s throughput capacity at each SRv6 network services proxy
o Traffic engineering, service chaining of addressable service resources
o Modernization and innovation of security services deployments within a carrier network
o Network simplification and significant OPEX / CAPEX savings


WATCH NOW: NoviFlow’s VP of Product Management Jesper Eriksson presents SRv6 for CyberMapper at the Layer123 SDN & NFV World Congress 2020: