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NoviFlow VisualAnalytics enables instant visualization of the operational health of the Lanner MEC scalable platform

Solution leverages NoviFlow’s CyberMapper™ to monitor, collect dynamically information and visualize health and status of Lanner’s HTCA-6600 MEC platform

“CyberMapper with VisualAnalytics provides a compelling new option for the optimization of service deployments within a carrier network, with unprecedented price performance and scalability.”
— Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO

NoviFlow announces VisualAnalytics for the Lanner Electronics HTCA-6600 Segment Routing via SRv6 solution optimized for the network edge, as part of its CyberMapper™ Domain Specific Controller (DSC) application.

Key capabilities and benefits of the solution include:

“Green is Go” dashboard: ingests hundreds of data streams and millions of data points, and presents key information in a simple dashboard, taking the complexity and time out of understanding the operational health
Flexible pipeline by design: makes ingesting new types of datapoints is easy, allowing NoviFlow to adapt VisualAnalytics to fit all of your data collection needs and to integrate VisualAnalytics with other data collection systems in your network
Escape the tyranny of Big Data: With Visual Analytics, you keep a high granularity of information that is processed at the edge and only send summary reports or anomalies to the centralized network collector
Drilling down on log files visually: VisualAnalytics centralizes the repository for system log files and makes them fully searchable visually. This allows you to drill down on system events and correlated data across multiple servers. You no longer need to read through log files, you see the log files!