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July 2021 Newsletter

New products, useful information, recent events, and more…

This past quarter, NoviFlow welcomed two new Board Directors and was listed as a leader in the NOS segment by GigaOm. We also participated in many virtual events and launched our new NoviSpeaker P4 Speaker, as well as our Telco-cloud-in-a-box solution.

New Board Members!

Industry veterans Tyson Macaulay and David Canellos join the Board. David is a seasoned cybersecurity leader with over two decades of experience heading early-stage, venture-backed startups, mid-sized and large organizations, and Tyson is a veteran of the cybersecurity industry with over 25 years in the areas of network, endpoint and cloud/DC security, serving Enterprise and Service Provider markets. Both are sure to become major contributors to NoviFlow’s success as we continue to expand our cybersecurity business.

New Products and Solutions

NoviFlow Announces NoviSpeaker

In April, NoviFlow released NoviSpeaker, our very own P4 Runtime Speaker, filling the need for a commercially supported development and deployment toolset for the P4 community that covers the complete development cycle and makes full use of advanced P4 and Tofino capabilities on commercially available white-box hardware.

NoviSpeaker provides a framework that provides what programmers need to quickly start writing P4 programs and applications. This highly efficient and robust software framework provides cost savings for application development, simplifies debugging and significantly reduces runtime pipeline issues.
Take a look at the Press Release here, and get all the details on the NoviSpeaker product page.


Cybersecurity & Identity Summit (CIS)2021

NoviFlow sponsored and presented at CIS2021, an event organised by the In-Sec-M, Canada’s cybersecurity industry cluster. It presented leading-edge insight on cyber risk prevention and digital identity management.

NoviFlow’s presentation was entitled: “When you can’t change the Rules: Simplify and Empower the Edge for better, faster, less expensive, more sustainable and future proof security”. The session describes how NoviFlow’s approach empowers cyber defenders by allowing them to deploy any network security tool anywhere anytime and mitigate threats at network speeds into the Terabps range, all while making cybersecurity future-proof and anti-fragile by embracing and leveraging the flexible architecture and power of programmable networking.

Fortinet 5G Security April 2021

NoviFlow was the only third party invited by Fortinet into its virtual booth to share strategies and solutions to help enable and facilitate 5G industry adoption!

 The event gathered mobile network operators, industry vertical enterprises, industrial vendors, integrators, and standard organizations to debate and discuss the promise, potential and reality of industry 5G use cases today and in the future, capabilities
and standards evolution, and the role security must play in enabling and facilitating 5G industry adoption. View the event on demand here. 

Intel Network Builders Webinar:
High-performance, Programmable Switch Solutions for Edge Data Centers

In this webinar Intel, EdgeCore and NoviFlow answer the question: How can service providers keep pace with exponential increases in data demand?

With an accelerated push towards cloud-based operations and 5G, service providers need to keep pace with exponential increases in data demand. They would benefit from the flexibility of tailoring their networks so they can innovate, adapt, and differentiate next-gen workloads from their competition. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of Edgecore’s Open Networking switches based on Intel® Tofino™ chipsets and discuss innovation rooted in P4 programmability focusing on use cases for next generation networks. View the webinar on demand.

NoviSpeaker Tutorial presented at the 2021 P4 Workshop

As part of our NoviSpeaker launch activities, NoviFlow’s own Arun Paneri presented our very first public NoviSpeaker tutorial during the P4 workshop, an event that incorporates insights and perspectives from the P4 community from around the world. As a bonus, in the second part of this tutorial, our Jeff Elpern presented proof of the awesome power of Tofino*/P4 SDN applications by providing details of how NoviFlow has crafted carrier-grade solutions using our NoviWare NOS & NoviSpeaker.
Take a look at the on demand tutorial here.

NoviFlow announces CyberMapper Edge MEC

Telco-Cloud-in-a-box solution

At TelecomTV’s Spotlight on 5G event, NoviFlow introduced our Telco-Cloud-in-a-box solution based on our CyberMapper Edge MEC platform.

NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Edge MEC solution includes all of the necessary elements for a Telco cloud in a box by including the server blades, network infrastructure and storage in a single platform, ideal for implementing services with restrictive size, power and cooling budgets. The result is a next generation SDN-based platform optimized to for the deployment of virtualized applications and service at the network’s edge.

  • CyberMapper implements load balancing, packet filtering, service chaining, and telemetry directly in the network fabric in a simple, scalable, compact form factor, and at a fraction of the price of conventional networking solutions.
  • CyberMapper Edge MEC solves the performance issues of implementing services on x86 by allowing you to create a service cluster by load balancing traffic across multiple virtual machines in the platform for true scalability.
  • CyberMapper Edge MEC solution provides an off-ramp to the Internet, so operators can get low value internet traffic off their internal network ASAP.

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