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NoviFlow’s participation on Layer123 2021

Beyond SDN & NFV: Exploring the commercial and technical opportunities

NoviFlow is a world leader in programmable network solutions that optimize and elastically scale cybersecurity, virtualized applications and network services anywhere, anytime, with major savings in CAPEX and OPEX. 

We were glad to join the Layer123 World Congress edition 2021 and participate on the event’s 10th anniversary as a silver sponsor.

We talked about how network operators, data centers and government agencies can achieve greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security on their networks by using our solutions:

  • CyberMapper Aggregator gets the right traffic from the network to the right analysis tools at line rate into the multi-Tbps.
  • CyberMapper Edge reduces complexity, deployment costs and the cyberattack surface by implementing load-balancing, packet filtering and traffic redirection directly in the network fabric. 
  • NoviSpeaker speeds development and deployment of network applications using the awesome speed and flexibility of P4/Tofino.
  • VisualAnalytics enables remote management, provisioning and better automation with full network visibility.

 NoviFlow’s session: “CyberMapper Aggregator – a cost-effective and scalable SDN-based Packet Broker Solution for today’s complex and more demanding network architectures”

In this presentation, Jeff Elpern NoviFlow’s Director of Product Management describes how our innovative FlowAgent Next Generation Pipeline architecture greatly simplifies the setup, operation and maintenance of even the most complex rule sets needed for aggregation, filtering, mirroring and load balancing of network traffic to multiple tool sets. The end result is a more flexible, responsive and scalable packet brokering solution for today’s dynamic carrier and digital service provider networks. 

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