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NoviMapper  Service Bus


How can telecom operators upscale their cyber defences without exponentially increasing network costs?

The contemporary digital age has witnessed a relentless surge in traffic and cyber-attacks, pressing telecom operators to continually adapt and grow their cyber defences. As security solutions’ traffic handling capacity does not grow linearly with increasing the hardware component costs, this upscaling often hits a financial roadblock, making the process economically unviable. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of implementing security at the edge is becoming a limiting factor to protecting data, identity, and the core network itself, as well as becoming a barrier to network adaptability, latency and scalability, and driving up both OPEX and CAPEX.

To cope, carriers are employing strategies such as service virtualization, decentralizing network infrastructure and implementing traffic engineering. But to make such strategies work, carriers need an easy way to make services addressable network-wide, and to classify, filter and service chain network traffic in order to ensure the right packets are processed by the optimal set of cybersecurity services according to both network AND security policies.


NoviFlow Delivers NoviMapper Service Bus, a groundbreaking solution that scales telecom operators’ cyber defenses at Tbps speeds

NoviMapper SB delivers a next-generation LAG-based programmable networking solution for deployment of services including physical and virtual security services with low-latency and Tbps speeds. NoviMapper SB reduces the number of expensive access router ports required to support multiple different service chains (policies) with up to 10 services each, while enabling sophisticated traffic steering to specific service chains, making it possible to independently scale each service according to actual traffic needs.

Another key feature of NoviMapper SB is that it enables security programming to be managed independently of the network forwarding. This hides security policies from the rest of the network, reducing the complexity of securing the network and making it both easier and faster to deploy new policies and services. When deployed on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware form leading network vendors, the solution supports up to 12.8 Tbps of aggregate throughput supporting interface speeds of 10G to 400G for maximum compatibility with both existing and greenfield network infrastructure.


At the heart of NoviMapper SB is the ultra-efficient programmable switch fabric. It has been designed to support cybersecurity services and adapt to increasing user-plane bandwidth, especially critical in the operator’s regional hub sites. NoviMapper SB ensures that traffic can be identified, filtered, and managed at multiple layers (L2, L3, L4), delivering unprecedented flexibility in creating prioritized stacks of filters that select and forward traffic from one service to the next connected to the service bus.

Acknowledging the shift towards 5G, the product also anticipates security requirements driven by 5G monetization. Moreover, with over 75% of user-plane traffic being encrypted, detecting malicious traffic poses a significant challenge. NoviMapper SB’s traffic steering capabilities go beyond mere destination-based routing by adding the following key features and benefits to modernize, streamline, and fortify network operations for telecom operators.

Service Chain Programming: This feature eases the integration of policy-based service chaining of cybersecurity services within the NoviMapper fabric.

  • Accelerates deployments of cybersecurity policies, reducing deployment delays while making changes and new deployments more efficient and economical.
  • Minimizes disruption to the core network and removes the risks associated with security policy changes.
  • Effortlessly scales both new and legacy cybersecurity services into a multi-Tbps fabric.

Independent Cybersecurity Service Programming: NoviMapper SB enables cybersecurity service programming to be managed independently from network forwarding.

  • Drastically cuts down network complexity and the potential attack surface, bolstering network security.
  • Leads to operational expenditure (OPEX) reductions, enabling cost-effective network operations.
  • Enhances the network’s nimbleness, reducing response times during cyber-attacks and troubleshooting processes.
  • Achieves substantial reductions in core network costs by reducing the number of access router ports needed to support multiple services and maximizing throughput in these ports.

COTS Hardware compatibility: NoviMapper SB operates seamlessly on switches from top-tier vendors, including Lanner Electronics, Edgecore, UfiSpace, and others.

  • Works transparently with VNFs, CNFs and dedicated network appliances that support LAG connections.
  • Significantly reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing hardware, software, and operational expenses.

Innovative Products plus World-class Support

NoviFlow is committed to ensuring users have comprehensive resources at their fingertips. Our support suite includes a detailed YAML Reference Manual, which provides step-by-step guidance on crafting configuration files, encompassing multiple configurations, and empowering customers to create their unique configurations using our sample code.


To further aid in product deployment and optimization, our NoviMapper SB CookBook offers a straightforward roadmap with step-by-step instructions for various product-related tasks, ensuring customers can effortlessly set up the product and integrate new services. Lastly, our NoviMapper SB API Documentation delves deep into the available low-level API calls for the product, perfect for customers aiming to remotely gather statistics or verify the product’s status via the API.

  • Hop-by-hop Classification Service uses service LAG to switch ports via s/w in real-time using ultra-low-latency switching fabric
  • Separates Management of Network and Security Domains
  • Implements multiple service chains (policies) with up to 10 services
  • 2 stage Filtering Pipeline for matching on L2-L4 packet flow selection and steering at every link in the service chain
  • Programming for LAG-based insertion with S/W based security policies
  • Filter Stacking with sophisticated filter rules enables sophisticated traffic steering to specific service chains
  • Services can scale independently
  • Option to make one of the services L3 routable
  • Works with any service that works with LAG
  • Insertion of packet in service bus without changing LACP
  • Flexible and extensible software-based solution runs on COTS switches from leading vendors including Lanner Electronics, Edgecore, UfiSpace, Foxconn..
  • Multi-terabit throughput, flexible port configurations in a small footprint
  • Reduce core network costs by optimizing the number of expensive access router Ports required
  • Reduces core network traffic by keeping traffic flows between services in a service chain isolated from the core
  • Reduced latency of traffic through the service chains
  • Hide security policies from the rest of the network
  • Individual security services can be right-sized to actual traffic demand
  • Reduces response time to attacks and troubleshooting
  • Makes it easy to extract the maximum value/performance from both existing and new services
  • Individual security services can be right-sized to actual traffic demand
  • Faster/easier/cheaper policy-based service insertion without affecting the access router
  • Easy scaling of new and existing services to multi-Tbps
  • Accelerates time to revenue
  • Transparent deployment of service bus between two network routers
  • Future proof: Network Edge resources can be repurposed and augmented via software upgrades
  • Eliminates expensive network appliances and h/w vendor lock-in
  • Reduces TCO (H/W, S/W and Ops)
NoviAnalytics for NoviMapper SB and NoviDashboard for NoviMapper SB
  • NoviAnalytics for NoviMapper SB allows operators to live monitor over 75 different hardware sensors, OS log files and application messages to fully understand the operational health of the NoviMapper SB. Troubleshooting a problem or performing preventative maintenance ensures a higher level of uptime.
  • NoviDashboard provides you a single pane of glass to monitor your whole fleet of NoviMapper. The information updates are real-time indicators of the overall health of the platform. If a sensor reports a fault or out of tolerance, live historical data, with the key information needed for troubleshooting, is available within two clicks.

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