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Bump-in-the-wire service programming at the Network Edge with low latency and multi-Tbps speeds


The ever-growing demand for user-plane bandwidth is driving massive increases in wireless access, processing and speeds. These make security and related services increasingly difficult to deploy, adding both complexity and spiralling costs.  In CSP networks, 5G monetization is driving new security requirements for slice-specific tolerances and new traffic steering capabilities beyond destination-based routing. And the nature of the business means CSPs need to offer multiple security tools and support multiple policies – there is no “one-size-fits-all”.

NoviMapper delivers a next-generation programmable networking solution for deployment of services including physical and virtual security services with low-latency and multi-Tbps speeds so CSPs can easily monetize, manage and scale 5G, Cybersecurity and other network services.

NoviMapper delivers flexible service programming and elastic, dynamic scaling of bump-in-the-wire network services by implementing powerful Load Balancing, Packet Steering, Service Chaining and Visibility solutions that run on high-performance programmable network fabrics. NoviMapper simplifies network architecture at the edge by replacing hardware appliances and network TAPs by packet processing rules and software executing directly in the network switch, directing traffic only to the right services and applications in the order required to meet customer SLAs. Benefits include reducing hardware costs, enabling easy service insertion and elastic scaling of services, reducing the cyber-attack surface, and increasing network robustness.

The NoviMapper solution achieves this unprecedented performance, flexibility, and scale by leveraging the power of programmable match-action pipelines on a variety of disaggregated hardware platforms and using open standard interfaces such as gRPC and P4Runtime. NoviMapper runs on standard servers and is deployed with select COTS switches running the powerful Intel Tofino to deliver a fully programmable network fabric in a simple, scalable, compact form factor and at a fraction of the price of conventional networking solutions.


NoviMapper: High-Performance Security Load Balancer

  • Faster/easier/cheaper policy-based service insertion with easy scaling of new and existing services to multi-Tbps without affecting the border leaf
  • Reduces costs and accelerates monetization of new services at the service edge
  • Switches ports via s/w in real-time using ultra-low-latency switching fabric
  • Reduces core network traffic by isolating traffic flows between services in a chain from the core
  • It greatly reduces the cost-per-bit-inspected via intelligent filtering the fabric
  • Makes it easy to extract the maximum value/performance from both existing and new services
  • Load-balancing in switch enables security services
  • Replication of packets to out-of-band tools
  • Replication of packets to out-of-band tools for network visibility and fault resolution
  • Transparent deployment of between two network routers or between a network access router and an existing firewall
  • Hides security policies from the rest of the network
  • Individual security services can be right-sized to actual traffic demand
  • Reduces response time to attacks and troubleshooting
  • Integrated links to ACLs for continuously up-to-date Threat-Intelligence-Gateway
  • Eliminates need for expensive network appliances such as load-balancers
  • Active/standby services (including security) can be deployed at full utilization – doubling (or more) payload processing with existing investments
  • Eliminates expensive network appliances and h/w vendor lock-in
  • Reduces TCO (H/W, S/W and Ops)
  • Single Classification Network Edge Service Programming with S/W based security policies
  • Implements multiple service chains (policies) each comprising multiple services
  • Allows service programming to be managed independently of the network forwarding
  • Evolved security architecture separates analytics and detection from mitigation/enforcement
  • Orders of magnitude better performance up to 12.8Tbps in a single Intel Tofino or Tofino2-based P4 switch and port speeds up to 400 Gbps
  • Non-destructive load balancing and failover. Ideal for stateful Cybersecurity Servers, DPI Engines, and Web Content Filtering Clusters
  • Multiple NoviSwitches can be installed throughout the network for load-balancing/mitigation/enforcement at network ingress/egress points
  • Protocol allow/deny lists offload protocol types that do not need analysis
  • Mirrors packets to single or multiple Ports/ERSPAN for out-of-band tools
  • Network services such as service insertion, load balancing, service chaining and packet steering are implemented directly in the NoviMapper-controlled switching fabric
  • Flexible and extensible software-based solution
  • Runs on COTS switches from leading vendors including Lanner Electronics, Edgecore, UfiSpace, Foxconn