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NoviSpeaker trial by IIJ Press Release

NoviFlow’s NoviSpeaker to be trialed by IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. for SDN-based Internet eXchange Points (IXP) Switching Fabric

Trial to explore use of P4 programming language to isolate layer 2 traffic from and extend the functionality, programmability, efficiency and responsiveness of IXP networks

“With this trial IIJ-II is looking to use P4 to provide an evolution path from our native OpenFlow Umbrella Switching Fabric to a P4 expanded and flexible forwarding-plane that greatly improves switching control and agility.”

Dr. Marc Bruyere Senior Researcher

“NoviFlow is honored to be working with IIJ-II – a key innovator in Japan’s Internet Technology Sector. With this trial we are keen to see how IIJ-II will leverage our NoviSpeaker development and deployment platform to build P4-based programmable network applications specifically engineered to benefit Internet eXchanges. This represents an exciting expansion of the potential application of NoviSpeaker.”

Dominique Jodoin, NoviFlow’s President and CEO.

NoviSpeaker P4 development and deployment solution will be presented at the P4 Users Japan 2021 conference by our partner Macnica. See all details here or visit our NoviSpeaker product page.