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NoviWare NOS for Barefoot Tofino is now Commercially Available!

Ready to deploy: NoviWare NOS – World’s Highest Performance SDN Network Operating System for Barefoot 6.5 Tbps Tofino chip
It’s official! Our NoviWare NOS for Barefoot 6.5Tb/s Tofino, the world’s fastest and P4-programmable switch chip is now commercially available.NoviFlow’s NoviWare Network Operating System (NOS) provides the industry’s broadest support of the OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5 specification. NoviWare was designed to offer unprecedented programmability and performance. It is perfectly architected to make full use of Barefoot Networks’ Tofino’s Protocol-Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) and leverages Barefoot’s powerful CapilanoTM Software Development Environment (SDE) and the P4 language.

If you happen to be at the BIG Communications Event in Austin, Texas, this week, be sure to stop by our booth #B313 and see a live demo the world’s highest-performance SDN/OpenFlow switching solution.

NoviWare for Tofino 400.5

  • Enhances Tofino’s capabilities with NoviWare’s extensive feature set and support of open standard APIs such as OpenFlow, gNMI, gNOI, OF-Config, and SNMP for maximum programmability and easy integration with the current installed base;
  • Enables existing SDN applications based on OpenFlow controllers such as ONOS, ODL, RYU and others, to leverage Tofino-based white box switches with little or no modification;
  • Brings the benefits of SDN to a whole new market: high-performance spine/core networks, enabling the deployment of enterprise-wide SDN solutions running NoviWare;
  • Enables network operators, data center operators, and enterprises to modify and add functionality to the forwarding plane by changing programs in the field thereby slashing service delivery costs, management complexity, and time-to-market;
  • Is price competitive with fixed-function ASIC-based forwarding planes, but offers a much richer set of capabilities and superior programmability;
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