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NoviFlow Continues to Improve Scalability of SDN Network Solutions with Launch of New NoviWare 400.1 Software

New version of NoviWare introduces features targeting network operators and enterprises deploying SDN applications in large-scale networks, including up to 16 million flow table entries, up to 1 million active meters, and automated installation

This is the newest release in NoviFlow’s industry leading high-performance OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5 switching software.

Key new features of NoviWare supporting large-scale deployment introduced in release 400.1 include:

  • OpenFlow queues and up to one million meters for use with QoS mechanisms
  • Dynamic provisioning of ports in LAG
  • Plug-and-Play deployment support for large installations:
    – Switch IP address default set via DHCP
    – gRPC for remote automated provisioning
  • OpenFlow Experimenter-based extensions:
    – VLAN payload matching
    – Symmetric Hash of Fields

400.1 NoviWare fully supports the OpenFlow 1.3 standard and 1.4, including all actions, instructions and match fields, as well as key features of OpenFlow 1.5, such as Copy-Fields action.

Click here to read the full press release.