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OEMs and Integrators

NoviSwitch High-Performance Programmable Forwarding Planes for OEMs and Integrators

OEMs and Integrators are continually in search of products that will enhance their portfolio. Programmable network switches can be that product. The programmable network, or Software Defined Network (SDN), is a fast growth market. The combination of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), SDN and Orchestration enable a powerful integrated solution for the OEM or Integrator to sell. This combination of technologies also provides a solution which can include lucrative Profession Services.

NoviFlow is a leader in SDN switching and a perfect partner for OEMs and Integrators. NoviFlow switches, implementing the programmable OpenFlow protocol on Network Processor (NPUs) provide the features, scale, and throughput required by today’s Communications Providers and Enterprise Datacenter. NoviFlow switches help OEMs and Integrators provide their clients the next generation of networking – the programmable network fabric.

  • Programmable multi-table pipeline, full OpenFlow 1.3 to 1.5, enables up to 16 million flows to be tracked at line-rate up to 100Gbps per port and 800 Gbps switching capacity in a 1U/2U standard rackmount format
  • L2-L7 (incl. data payload) filtering and forwarding
  • VxLAN/L2GRE/L2MPLS/GTP Tunnels
  • API to inject, manage and monitor actions
  • Routing, tunneling, monitoring, dynamic tapping, security filtering and mitigation, metering, load balancing, time stamping and other flow-handling at line-rate as part of network fabric
  • Rich set of O&M features for easy installation, configuration and management
  • Multiple port configurations available optimized for Access, Aggregation and ToR usage
  • Line-rate performance, fast table updates and easy centralized provisioning and control
  • Value-Added services executed in the network fabric, replacing dedicated appliances and thus reducing cost.
  • Capacity increase through unique scale-out architecture
  • Modular scalability from small to hyperscale installations
    • Supports millions of service paths
    • Supports a large number of transport encapsulations (Vxlan, L2VPN, L3VPN, MPLS, GRE, etc) with possibility to mix and match
    • Simplifies deployment of NFV, cloud and multi-tenant services
    • Reduced installation and support costs via remote configuration and upgrades
  • Future Proof
    • Field upgradable as standard evolves via software field-upgrade
    • Flexibility to extend OpenFlow as needed
    • Flexibility to add/remove meta-data information in NSH
  • NO vendor lock in as all components delivered on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

NoviFlow Programmable Forwarding

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