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Only three weeks left to Mobile World Congress 2016

NoviFlow will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress (MWC2016) in Barcelona, from February 22nd through 25th 2016, and our main theme at the event will be how to build Scale-Out network solutions using SDN and high-performance OpenFlow forwarding planes.

The Scale-Out network architecture based on SDN offers new option for dealing with the impact of evolving network usage on traditional networking equipment, reducing complexity and vendor/systems lock-in, and deciding where to invest in order to optimize both CAPEX and OPEX. The flexibility of this architecture will encompass a wide range of network applications and services, including EPC, Edge Routing, Network Tapping, Load Balancing and Service Chaining. This same flexibility will allow different network elements to scale independently based on a wide variety of characteristics (number of users, forwarding or controller capacity, bandwidth, etc).

At the MWC2016 NoviFlow will do a live SDN Scale-Out Router demo comprised of NoviFlow’s high
performance NS-2128 switches, an ONOS controller and a BGP application. We will also explain how the SDN Scale-Out Architecture will enable many applications to scale-out to extremely large configurations in simple, modular increments, hence delivering to our customers a quantified set of key business benefits including simplified operations, service provisioning, traffic management, elastically scaled-out network and a very large cost saving.Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.49.48 PM

NoviFlow hopes you will have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for MWC 2016. If so, we would be pleased to schedule a meeting with our experts to discuss how NoviFlow’s SDN forwarding plane products and applications could add value to your business, and also to show you a live demonstration of our SDN Scale-Out Router. Please suggest a convenient day and time and we will get back to you with a confirmation in the next days. We hope to see you at the NoviFlow booth in Hall 7, booth number 7H40!

To set up a demo or a meeting please contact us at: