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Meet our partners Telstra, Canopus Networks and Aptira at Open Source Networking Days (OSN Days) in Melbourne, Australia

Open Source Networking Days (OSN Days) is a series of regional, one-day events hosted and organized by local open source networking ecosystem members — including industry, service providers, academia, and start-ups — with support from LF Networking and its projects:, ONAP, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, PNDA, SNAS, and Tungsten Fabric.

About this Event

Brought to you by the Open Networking Foundation: Next-Gen SDN is delivering fine-grained network programmability with zero-touch configuration and management, enabling operators’ complete control of their networks. Leveraging P4, P4Runtime, OpenConfig/gNMI and gNOI, NG-SDN is now truly delivering on the ‘software-defined’ promise of SDN for future transformation, new applications and unprecedented levels of new value creation.

This tutorial is an opportunity for architects and engineers to learn the basics and to practically experiment with some of the building blocks of the NG-SDN architecture, such as:

  • P4 language
  • Stratum (P4Runtime, OpenConfig over gNMI, gNOI)
  • ONOS

If you would like to participate and learn more click HERE!