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P4 and PISA Introduction

We see the PISA programmable pipeline architecture, delivered by Barefoot’s Tofino family of products, as the next evolution of SDN. P4 and P4-Runtime enable the networking world to move beyond the phase of trying to fit the round peg of SDN into the square hole of legacy substrates, and focuses the community on fully programmable pipeline hardware and providing the tools, resources and economic opportunity to drive massive growth of the SDN ecosystem.

NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS is unique in having been designed from the ground up to support programmable match-action pipeline logic, ideal for implementing the PISA architecture, and offering features and capabilities not open to fixed-pipeline OSes. Furthermore, NoviWare provides a smooth, future-proof evolution path for current SDN installations running OpenFlow to P4-Runtime based solutions as these are developed and released.