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2021 P4 Workshop

NoviFlow’s participation at the 2021 P4 Workshop hosted by the ONF


This event is made to  incorporate insights and perspectives from the P4 community from around the world and it will focus on the following segments: P4 language, P4 targets, P4 use cases, SDN use cases and P4 target tutorials.


The event includes NoviFlow’s tutorial on NoviSpeaker P4 Runtime Speaker a commercially supported development and deployment toolset for the P4 community that covers the complete development cycle and makes full use of advanced P4 and Tofino capabilities on commercially available white-box hardware.


Tutorial: NoviSpeaker – Commercially supported P4 development and deployment toolset for the Barefoot/Intel Tofino.

Presenters: Jeff Elpern, Director of Product Management and Arun Paneri, Director of Engineering – Product Management at NoviFlow.

Event date: May 18, 2021 to May 20, 2021