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P4 Workshop 2023

NoviFlow is proud to sponsor the 2023 edition of the P4 Workshop

SRv6 enhancements and deployments

The P4 Workshop is an opportunity for the P4 ecosystem to share knowledge and experiences with the broader community and to facilitate collaboration. The workshop incorporates insights and perspectives from the P4 community in the following key areas:

  • P4 language
  • P4 targets
  • P4 tool chain
  • P4 use cases & applications
  • Control plane or network OS for P4 targets
  • Extensions to P4
  • Cross-cutting work between P4 and related systems such as eBPF and service meshes.


Date and time: April 24 and 25 at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.

2200 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA


Click here to access the event