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Can SD-WAN live up to its potential?

NoviFlow’s CEO Dominique Jodoin, member of the Business & SD-WAN Forum Panel Debate in The Hague, NL.
On Tuesday, October 10th, our CEO, Dominique Jodoin, took part in the SDN NFV World Congress Business & SD-WAN Forum, as one of the panelists. 

The focus of the debate were the challenges and opportunities generated by early deployments of SD-WAN. The panelists were challenged to answer questions such as: is it important for VNFs in SD-WAN to be inter-operable, or even substitutable? Should SD-WAN solutions be delivered as pure software loads on any hardware, or are they delivered better as a bundle? How aware does an SD-WAN solution need to be of its underlying transport network? How will SD-WAN orchestration work best for itself and end-to-end?

Dominique discussed the role of fully programmable match-action forwarding planes in SD-WAN applications and network infrastructure. He also emphasized the importance of SDN to enable full usage of NFV in 5G networks, which generated a very positive reaction from the panel and the attendees.