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SDN-Enabled IP Based Media Solution Using NoviFlow High-Performance Networking Solution

NoviFlow Enables OKNO-TV to Modernize Television Production Networks, Providing a Truly Efficient and Scalable Platform for TV Production in The Cloud.

OKNO-TV’s IP based/Cloud-based solution is the result of a partnership between OKNO-TV and NoviFlow, leading providers of SDN control software, as well as the integration of SDN forwarding plane solutions with broadcast equipment and software.

The solution includes the following components:
• Live-IP production;
• Media asset management;
• Contribution/distribution services;
• SDN switches.

The solution leverages SDN and NFV technologies to foster a software-based, virtualized broadcast ecosystem. Live OpenFlow network infrastructure provides seamless switching of encapsulating (carrier IP/ RTP) streams compliant with existing ST 2022-6, ST 2022-7, AES67, TR-4 and advanced ST 2110, TR-03, NMOS-DRS. The service uses models that are compliant with AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association) recommendations, and the NMOS specification (Networked Media Open Specifications). It also provides integration with media gateways, time synchronization sources via PTPv2 (Precision Time Protocol v2), and integration of the transport network with virtual media content processing services.

The result is an IP-based, software-defined media transport platform, supporting a wide range of applications, both within the traditional infrastructure of television broadcasting, and in newly-emerging service-oriented models.

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