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SDNCon 2016 in Wellington New Zealand – another amazing SDN hands-on workshop down-under!

Faucet shines at SDNCon 2016, a hands-on, network engineering meeting that took place on the 7th and 8th of July at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

The event was advertised to previous attendees of SDNCon 2014 and other SDN workshops organized by VUW as well as through InternetNZ, REANNZ and the Wellington SDN Meetup Group (52 members). The event was attended by 20 people from Victoria University, Waikato University, University of New South Wales, Whitireia Polytechnic, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) and REANNZ as well as individuals who are members of the meetup group.  The event’s Networking Dinner was hosted by NoviFlow.

The Faucet is open!

Photo used with permission of Image Services, Victoria University of Wellington.

The projects were primarily related to ONF’s Faucet Controller application. Prior to the event links to a set of tutorial exercises and a virtual machine with Faucet and Mininet pre-installed were provided for download for participants to familiarized themselves with the tools.

At the event itself a list of potential projects related to either using Faucet to solve a real world problem or to add new features to Faucet was handed out to participants and a testbed built out of Raspberry PIs and a Zodiac FX switches was given to each team. The Raspberry PIs had traffic generation tools installed on the end hosts and Faucet installed on a host acting as a controller.

Four teams worked on the following projects and presented their results at the end of the Hackathon:
1) Active network defence using Faucet and ONOS (UNSW)
2) Multi switch support and broadcast prevention in Faucet (VUW)
3) Implementing Faucet using OF-DPA (Waikato, REANNZ, Michael – Cyber Networking)
4) Enterprise network (Whitireia, CPIT)

NoviFlow’s Randy Fitton acted as the judge for the competition with support from the VUW organizers. Prizes included mugs, t-shirts, chocolate and soap. UNSW was awarded first prize, VUW second prize and Cyber Networking came third. In the judging notes, Randy stated that it was actually hard to distinguish the work done because each team tackled quite a different problem with diverse challenges and all of the teams had great results.

Participants all said that they had felt there was a lot of energy at the event and had learnt a great deal from the networking that took place between teams.

The organizers thanked Allied Telesis, NoviFlow and REANNZ for sponsoring the event.

Some additional information and links from SDNCon 2016:

1) Multi switch support, topology discovery and broadcast suppression in Faucet (VUW).

Code from the hackathon is available from under the sub branches multiple-dps (enhancements to Faucet), untag-llpd (Ryu’s topology discovery was being broken by Faucet mistakenly untag LLDP packets) and faucet-stp (spanning tree computation and enforcement).

2) Implementing Faucet using OFDPA (CyberNet: Waikato WAND group, REANNZ and Michael F).

Code from the hackathon is available here:

Hackathon material.

1) Blog entry on how to build our ZodiacFX testbed

The World’s Smallest OpenFlow Testbed using the World’s Smallest OpenFlow Switch

2) Archived resources for SDNCon 2016

3) site provided by REANNZ

…. and photos.