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SDN NFV World Congress 2019

SDN NFV World Congress, October 14-17, 2019, at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands

NoviFlow will be exhibiting at the SDN NFV World Congress in the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands, October 14 to 17, 2019. We invite you to visit our booth to see our new technology demos at Europe’s largest SDN and NFV technology event. NoviFlow will be demonstrating live our NoviWare NOS on the world’s fastest networking chip, the Barefoot Tofino, running at 12.8 Tbps!

We will also demonstrate our live innovative CyberMapper Threat Intelligence Gateway, a game-changing networking platform that significantly accelerates and brings dynamic scalability to existing commercial cyber security applications, as well as NoviFlow’s Dynamic In-line Packet Brokering Service, an exciting new solution that lowers costs and raises the bar on traffic capacity for monitoring and telemetry.

To set up a meeting with NoviFlow please e-mail us at

We look forward to seeing you there!