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Spotlight on 5G by Telecom TV

NoviFlow set the spotlight on 5G with Telco-cloud-in-a-box

During the week of MWC21, NoviFlow has joined Telecom TV spotlight on 5G and produced two broadcasts that explain how in this 5G new era, we can help carriers, hyperscalers, digital enterprises and government agencies to reduce service latency as well as scale cybersecurity and virtualized network services at the edge into the multi-terabits per second.


Dominique Jodoin, President & CEO, will bring us an overview of how we are helping our customers to solve 5G Telco cloud challenges by providing solutions for every level of the SDN software stack, from NOS to Applications. Also, why our NextGen technology stack helps our customers implement nimbler, more innovative, and more cost-effective solutions at the network edge.

Jesper Eriksson, VP Product Management, gives us a deeper understanding about how our CyberMapper Edge Solution delivers Telco-cloud-in-a-box: enabling delay critical applications to run at the edge, easily scale, load balance and service chain virtualized network services and provides an innovative way to off-load Internet traffic as early as possible.


Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the best.

Event: June 28th to July 2nd 2021

View the Strategy Outlook on 5G Cloud presented by Telecom TV here.