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Telecom TV Video Interview – NoviFlow End-to-End SDN Switching Solutions

Interviewed by Guy Daniels, Director of Content at TelecomTV, our VP of Strategy and Marketing, Marc LeClerc, talks about the announcements that NoviFlow made at SDN NFV World Congress, including partnerships with Lumina Networks and Barefoot Networks, together with a cybersecurity demo. NoviFlow has implemented NoviWare, our high-performance OpenFlow forwarding plane software, on Barefoot’s new Tofino chip, the world’s fastest and P4-programmable switch chip. With Lumina, we have partnered to deliver a Software Defined Core using its MPLS and Segment Routing based forwarding plane, which can save operators 40 to 60 percent on infrastructure costs. To demonstrate some of the features of our forwarding plane, we created a cybersecurity demo that takes the network controller and software into a single software package that can be accessed viaRESTful interfaces, making it easier to implement for those customers and partners developing security applications that don’t have great experience in SDN.