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Texas Communication Expo 2021

NoviFlow is delighted to be participating in the Texas Communication Expo where we will be available for in-person meetings in the booth of our partner ECI Networks.

If you are interested in solving any of the following problems:

– Scaling cybersecurity into the multi-Tbps,
– Migrating low-latency services such as MEC, 5G and Telco Cloud to the network’s edge,
– Keeping track of the services deployed at the edge with real-time visibility, without breaking the bank, and easing the evolution of network architecture to become more agile, easy to right-size, and to better support business needs.

Come and learn how our SDN based solutions makes it easy for carriers to elastically scale services on demand, easily migrate them to the network edge where latency is an issue or where economics require, and with full network visibility for easy operations and increased automation.

Our programmable pipeline technology achieves all those challenges by integrating key network functionalities such as Aggregating, Filtering, Mirroring, and Load balancing traffic, directly within the networking fabric itself.

When: Sept 14-16
Where: Belton, Tx at the Bell County Expo Center.
Booth: #112 Visiting our partner ECI Networks