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The Future of Cyber Security and Network Monitoring at live at MWC18

NoviFlow’s CyberMapper™ Running on 6.5 Tb/s Fully Programmable Barefoot Tofino™ Forwarding Plane and Integrated with Barefoot Deep Insight™ Offers Sophisticated Analytics, Enhancing Network Performance, Security and Flexibility.

Barefoot Deep Insight software, running on commodity servers, interprets, analyzes and pinpoints myriad conditions that can impair the network, and does so in real time and at line-rate. An intelligent and programmable triggering mechanism allows only the interesting network events to be detected and reported in real time. NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Threat Intelligence Gateway provides a channel for Deep Insight to tap directly into the network forwarding plane automatically filtering out irrelevant data and instantly changing network behavior when problems or threats are discovered. Machine learning can also be employed to achieve stateful baselining of the network performance and automatic detection of anomalies at any time scale and with nanosecond resolution.The demonstration is delivered using Barefoot Networks’ 6.5Tb/s Tofino Ethernet switch ASIC, the world’s fastest P4-programmable switch silicon running NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS. Barefoot’s technology, together with P4 programming language and the rich ecosystem around it, has enabled network equipment and software vendors to deliver agile and intelligent solutions to their customers.

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