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Scalable vBNG: NetElastic


Cost effective, dynamically scalable vBNG needed to meet exploding bandwidth demand

Rapidly increasing bandwidth demand and customer expectations for on-demand services are creating challenges for carriers as upgrading legacy network hardware is costly, complex, and inefficient. Built for yesterday’s less dynamic internet traffic, hardware-based BNGs lack the scalability, agility and performance needed to keep up with rapidly growing bandwidth requirements.


A vBNG solution than can economically scale into the Terabit range

NoviFlow and netElastic solve this problem through a disaggregated vBNG solution that combines NoviFlow’s high-performance SDN switches and netElastics’s virtualized BNG software. The joint solution helps carriers meet (and benefit) from exploding bandwidth demand and changing customer needs by providing a best-of-breed Virtual BNG (vBNG) solution that combines the fastest fully-programmable forwarding planes in the market, Noviflow’s NoviSwitches, with netElastic’s massively scalable vBNG.

  • Independently scale Control Plane and Forwarding Plane
  • H-QoS
  • 46,000 profiles w/ 16 queues per profile
  • 1 Million meters (1 band/meter)
  • Forwarding PPoE/IPoE control traffic to vBNG for setup
  • All other traffic is forwarded to next hop
  • Access control
  • Accounting & Policing
  • Subscriber Density – Supports up to 256,000 subscribers
  • Automation – Full support of NETCONF & YANG for maximum programmability and easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Port Density – Up to 100 ports in a 2U format; Support for 10G, 40G, and 100G ports
  • Performance and Scalability – vBNG can easily scale from 10 Gbps x86 hardware-only to 400 Gbps with NoviFlow SDN switches
  • Seamless Growth – Single control plane can operate seamlessly across DPDK and SDN switches enabling service providers to scale services
  • Compatibility – Fully compatible with existing installed switches and routers
  • Cost – Disaggregated vBNG solution lowers TCO by 2x – 4x over hardware-based BNGs, and cost advantages are maintained as subscriber base grows
  • Visibility and Control – Provides carriers with centralized software control for greater visibility to changing network and customer demands

NoviFlow Programmable Forwarding

Plane Use Cases

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