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  • Advantages of SRv6, Sustainable Networking, In-band Network Telemetry at multi-Terabps, and more The last three months NovFlow’s solutions were the happy recipient of recognition from several different quarters. Firstly, Bell Canada presented the economic and environmental benefits of NoviFlow’s NoviFabric at

  • Using SRv6 and P4 Programmable networks to reduce service costs at the Network Edge MPLSWC22 joint session: NoviFlow, Bell Canada and Lanner Electronics In this presentation Bell Canada, NoviFlow and Lanner show how SRv6 and a P4 programmable switch fabric can reduce

  • AmLight Real Time In-Band Telemetry with NoviFlow software enabled switches Watch the FIU presentation at FICC   NoviFlow partner Florida International University (FIU) presented a joint Networking paper entitled "AmLight Real Time In-Band Telemetry within the NoviFlow Switches" at the Future of Information

  • Into the home stretch on a busy 2021: New CyberMapper Edge MEC deployments, product releases, awards, events, and more… During this last quarter of the year NoviFlow saw a tremendous uptake in both interest and deployments of our CyberMapper Edge product

  • New deployments, product releases, award nominations, recent events, and more

  • Improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of network resources and virtualized services with CyberMapper Aggregator Jeff Elpern, Director of Product Management, provides an in-depth intro to CyberMapper Aggregator, NoviFlow's SDN-based solution for Packet Broker Functionality. CyberMapper Aggregator's FlowAgent architecture offers a

  • After many months of virtual events, NoviFlow is delighted to be participating in the BIG 5G event where we will be available for in-person meetings in the booth of our partner Lanner Electronics.  Come and learn how NoviFlow and Lanner are

  • New products, useful information, recent events, and more

  • NoviFlow will be present on Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) The Asia’s flagship tech event where technology intersects with society and the digital economy. Visit NoviFlow’s e-Booth and learn how our solutions empower carriers, hyperscalers, digital enterprises and government agencies to

  • NoviFlow set the spotlight on 5G with Telco-cloud-in-a-box During the week of MWC21, NoviFlow has joined Telecom TV spotlight on 5G and produced two broadcasts that explain how in this 5G new era, we can help carriers, hyperscalers, digital enterprises and

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