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NoviAnalytics for Lanner  HTCA 6600 Platform 


It’s hard to monetize what you can’t monitor!

Virtualization, cloud computing, and ubiquitous mobile devices are all contributing to the exponential increase in traffic volumes. Services are moving closer to the Edge, and the percentage of data center traffic going ‘east-west’ within and between data centers has risen to over 80% of the total. Network traffic generated by telemetry, usage monitoring and traffic analysis, as well as the hardware and operating expenses of installing physical TAPs, is driving through the roof the cost of Load Balancing, Packet Brokering and Telemetry collection. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of implementing security at the edge is becoming a limiting factor to protecting data, identity and network resources the core, as well as becoming a barrier to network adaptability, latency and scalability, and driving up both OPEX and CAPEX.



Developed in collaboration with Barefoot Networks, an Intel company, NoviFlow, and Fortinet, the all-new NoviEdge Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) platform. integrates Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based compute nodes, Barefoot Tofino P4-programmable Ethernet switch silicon, Fortinet’s Fortigate VNF, and NoviFlow’s NoviMapper programmable networking software. By deploying network-based capabilities in edge infrastructure to secure applications and data, the next-gen MEC solution simplifies network architecture, accelerates application deployment, eliminates cabling complexity, and enables zero-touch provisioning of network edge infrastructure.

“Green is Go” dashboard
NoviAnalytics ingests hundreds of data streams and millions of data points, but we make it easy to see through the data by visualizing the health of your platform. The dashboards are designed to take all of this information and present it to you with one simple concept “Green is Go!” taking the complexity and time out of understanding the operational health. Quickly scroll through the dashboard to get the aggregate health of all levels of the system.

Flexible pipeline by design
With a flexible data processing pipeline, ingesting new types of datapoints is easy, allowing NoviFlow to adapt NoviAnalytics to fit all of your data collection needs. This same data processing pipeline can be configured to output to multiple sources as well. This allows NoviFlow to integrate NoviAnalytics with other data collection systems in your network.

Escape the tyranny of Big Data
Most data collection systems are centralized and to deal with the load of devices reporting on the network, poll data with a low granularity. The result is that you may not catch events that require more frequent polling. With NoviAnalytics, you keep a high granularity of information that is processed at the edge and only send summary reports or anomalies to the centralized network collector. This provides the best of both worlds, a hierarchical data collection with massive time series information at the edge and a centralized reported tool across the whole network.

Drilling down on log files visually
Data ingestion comes in all types of forms, even text-based log files. NoviAnalytics centralizes the repository for system log files and makes them fully searchable. By visualizing log files, we make it easy to find the actionable events in your platform by easy to read time series graphs which highlight the severity of the entry. This allows you to drill down on system events and correlated data across multiple servers. By visualizing log files, you no longer need to read through log files, you see the log files.

By making it fast and easy to visualize the operational health of your Lanner HTCA-6600 platform, NoviFlow’s NoviAnalytics is a game-changer in the deployment and monetization of applications and services delivered at the network edge. NoviAnalytics not only reduces the time needed to detect and mitigate platform hardware problems, it also provides the information needed to enhance application performance and reduce processing costs by optimizing resource usage at the edge.

NoviFlow also provides customization services to create the exact data analytics platform you need.  We can also reach into the application layer inside virtual appliances and create custom dashboards to correlate information with other subsystems. Contact NoviFlow to discuss your requirements and bring your application information to life.

Typical use cases for the joint NoviFlow-Lanner MEC solution include:

Virtual Load Balancer

Virtual Packet Broker

Virtual Firewall

Virtual BNG

Virtual Provider Edge

Virtual Carrier Grade NAT

Virtual Threat Intelligent Gateway

Segment Routing SRv6 Service Chaining

Segment Routing SRv6 GTP Gateway

SDN control

1.   MONITOR: Collect information from the network, Hardware Platform Manager and syslog to visualize health and status of platform

2.   MONETIZE: Convert information streams into easily consumable visualizations that are actionable

3.   CUSTOMIZE: Fully customizable environment – incorporate virtual appliance information for full-stack data collection

4.   DEPLOY NOW: Fully integrated into the Lanner HTCA 6600 MEC Platform.

All-in-one window makes it easy to visualize the state of the system:

  • “Green-to-Go” single pane of glass let you monitory health and quickly get to the root of problems

Avoid the tyranny (and costs!) of big data:

  • Harvests the enormous amount of time series available data from sensors and logs on the hTCA platform including software operation data. (Over 1,000,000 data points a day on fully loaded chassis)
  • Convert these information streams into easily consumable visualizations that are actionable.
Flexible pipeline by design
  • VisualAnalytics can adapt to fit all of your data collection needs and to integrate VisualAnalytics with other data collection systems in your network
  • Ready to deploy in minutes as platform comes with hardware, NOS, and analytics pre-configured for immediate returns without the need for excessive integration and customization costs
  • Reduces the need for truck-rolls by quickly determining what the problem is, and in most cases providing the information need to remotely resolve issues
Flexible & Programmable Platform
  • Programmable network fabric will support functions and protocols that don’t exist yet via software updates

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